Nano-formulation and


formulation and



The laboratory is organized in two facilities:

A) dedicated to the formulation of nanomedicines using innovative technology towards precision medicine for the oral and topical administration of medicines

B) dedicated to preparing and quality controlling on cosmetic preparations that contain nanovectors and natural molecules.

Each facility includes an area dedicated to compounds and products preparation and another area dedicated to their validation through quality control.

Area manager: Miriam Colombo


Activities ___________ Facility A

The highly reproducible synthesis of nanovectors containing medicines and natural molecules
The productive nanovectors scale-up and consequent formulation of nanodrugs and nutraceuticals, using innovative technologies that favor prototyping and precision medicine
The characterization of finished products (disintegration, dissolution, hardness, etc.)

    Activities ___________ Facility B

    The development of semi-solid preparations (creams, gels, ointments) and powders in which to combine the synergistic action of nanovectors
    The modulation and optimization of the final product characteristics (viscosity, spreadability, greasiness, homogeneity, emolliency...)


      Production and coating of solid pharmaceutical forms:

      • Mixer planetarium
      • 3D printer (Binder Jetting technology)
      • Minibassina (production volumes 0.2-2 Kg)
      • Compressor

      Characterization of solid pharmaceutical forms:

      • Dynamometer
      • Friabilometer
      • Hardness tester
      • Dissolutor (coupled to spectrophotometer)
      • Disruptor
      • Tapped density tester
      • Sifter

      Production and characterization of semi-solid forms:

      • Emulsifier (production volume 0.1-1 Kg)
      • Rheometer (MCR 92, Anton-Paar)
      • Texture analyser (TAXT plus C)
      • Franz cells (6 cells)
      • Relassometer
      • Viscometer

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